Wednesday, June 27, 2007


WTF! welp, so much for enough sleep. I've actually made a point to get enough the past week. try and get a littl more ballance for the past 5 months crazyness and last months extra crazyness, and in turn, get nothing done, and spend all my time on trains.

Looks like the only way to be successful and productive is to be miserable and sleep deprived.

Never to bed and early to rise.

We'll see how this works out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

much to come

Yup. back to animation tests finally tonight. After a failed attempt at socializing. No seats by anybody I knew at dtv screening tonight, and since the project was before I got there, and I am cranky, I left and came home. I was not about to sit through 45 plus minutes of preschool direct to home theater educational entertainment, by myself. cleaning up blocking and changing over from stepped to splines.

Had a few people bail for an event this weekend, and I am more bummed that I want to be.

Picture is locked on the film.

decompressing for a few weeks, then taking another look at it, and probly giving this great composer I found, the go ahead. he is hooking me up. More money though. I like it better in my savings account ... hmm.

NY asian film festival coming up. going to catch two of the flicks.

Going to give a crack at clean up for my esteemed collegue Mr. Coats.

Start drawing lessons on Sunday again. YES!

Great friend coming in from the west coast tomorrow night.

And finally feeling productive again at work.

My coworker just finished up another script that cuts hand/finger/toe/ect... rigging down by about 9/10ths. Awsome. riggin is now pretty much just painting waits, and modeling, and designing the character, and geometry/design character after I've started rigging. "3d-modeler." I now know, its really "character creator," so maybe I can get a little more fun out of it now.

done some decent drawing the past few weeks, to tired and busy to get em up online. once i feel I've actually accomplished something worth taking a break from, I'll get that back up, and my film, in time.

expect one dialogue test a month. starting now. go!