Monday, October 22, 2007


New festivals to see Fault:

WildSound Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. At the National Film Board of Canada Theater, Noveber 20th.

Veneration Film Festival, in Newport News, VA, on November 3.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Name of the game is conquering fear. Does not matter of what.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've been doing some traditional animation on the film of a past professor for a month now. And very often, it has re-awoken that flame that started me down this path.

As I was mulling along on my way home, I happened accross the thought of how animation connects to guitar. For guitar was my first love, and how I spent my time in highschool (but I'm not a performer). And for some reason, things clicked in my head, as to what exactly that feeling was, that I rediscovered flipping pages these past few weeks.

It felt like I had been practicing, and finally, was just playing, and all the scales, and finger excercises had paid off, and I was watching mysel do something, I was not aware I could do. My next film will be pencil, and rough. I want you to see the feeling of letting your fingers play what they know, and want. Like you are watching the birth, and frollicking of my drawings. Like my pencil on the paper is like the fingers on the fretboard of a guitar.

I have given myself until 26 to get onto feature film animation. As of now, that is a year and a half. By 25 I will have a solid reel. I will finish my dialogue test with the chimps, and will have one reel-worthy new test every month, there after. I will have an updated reel by my birthday, and send it out. If opportunities present themselves before that, I will send what I have. I need to get some place where I can really grow. And be rewarded for the effort.

Lets hear it for Lou!

My friend Lou just earned a permanent position, at a very cool studio. Congradulations. I say earned, cause he worked harder then any one I know. He's quite smart and talented, yes, but he has a work ethic, that no one can match. He works smart, and works hard. This was not given away by any means.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Festival Ho

My film Fault has now been accepted into festival number one. 2D or not 2D. For all you readers in my home town of Everett, go check it out. Yay.