Monday, July 23, 2007


here are some tests I've been doing after finishing my film. (I am contemplating a musical score, so once I settle on that, I"ll have something up on youtube as soon as I am really, totally, done ... fur cerial) Its really hard to get anything of worth done outside of work. I managed to get the film done, but thats cause I bout lost my mind doing it, and did lose the ol'lady. And only took 2-3 months longer then I thought. Hooray, image buffer errors!

Warm up and crash back into the world of character animatino in 3D. this was really rough for a few weeks. like not exercising for a year, then going to the gym with a buddy whos a total gym rat.

here are two versions of hand placement, and starts on the ending. Needs love on "ethical," and both of their eyes through out, specially the sitting guy as the stading one is talking. But made a little progress. The good feelings are allready fading as it is starting to elicit shudders from viewing. But thats a good thing. All past work should appear poor, except after 20-30 years, there can be 1-3 bits that you actually "got."