Monday, September 29, 2008

I Knew It!

And on an animation note, a fancy schmancy new REEL will be on display in a few weeks! I'm working on some GREAT notes from some animators who have been incredibly generous with their time, and honesty.


... nope, just hungry.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I Hope ...

... I don't understand young people when I'm older too. Wait ... I already don't.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


here is the almost final. What about the spliny-ness of the end there, after the hand slaps down, that move to the left, second to last pose?

The hands probably need a little love, but, if you watch it once, and watch the eyes, things are working pretty well.

I added in a few smear frames here and there, (4 to be exact) and I am liking 2 of them, in the air for one, and not so much the last.

Allright. One more go on some simplyfying the gibberish bit again this week, then on to new stuff ... maybe even some recent drawings will be posted ... oooooohhhhhh ...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

out by the Roots

I was reminded of this blog entry:

And another I can't remember the location of that talked about the reason for messy head arcs is often the result of root/torso problems.

I find myself encountering this as we speak. In trying to polish up a shot, I had a few people mention that things were a little weightless in parts, so, I went back and did a cursory "re-do" of the hips/torso, and then started in with the head. I then found myself, when trying for nice clean arcs for the face REALLY "fix." the arc of the head.

Reminded of the above posts, I then got rid of all the head/neck keys, to see exactly how smooth it looked, just being on the torso, and discovered how atrocious the hips/torso really was. The cleaner I am getting the hips/torso, not only is the weight better natually, but the head starts "falling into place."

Any one else encounter anything like this, or have any thoughts.

Discovering this weakness really makes me feel like I need to do a couple walk cycles and weight shift exercises, as I often am less then impressed with the weight of the hips in stuff I see online, but am now finding myself doubting I could do any better.