Sunday, November 27, 2011

class 5

The assignment was to sketch and paint Forest Whitaker. Using a complementary pallet. I used Seiler's technique of doing a value painting in photoshop then painting in layers. For a first ever person painting, and the one Bob Ross I did in 5th grade, I think it went OK. Each computer I've viewed this on has different hues. The reference photo looked very yellow orange on the cinitiq, so that is the pallet I used. Went better this time.

I still feel I'm doing more of a portrait then a caricature, but the likenesses were more accurate this time. Had some fun as was able to get lost in drawing.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

class 4

Class 4: do some sketches, pick the best one and do a value painting of it. I've been corrected that I'm actually doing a "grisalle." Regardless, these citizens were very challenging. I have only one sketch of each citizen that I feel is going in the right direction. Non that I am happy with. And I didn't have enough time to paint.

So I focused on the sketches trying to get something I felt bore a resemblance to the subject, while pushing features. Unfortunately I feel like I took a step back on these. Instead of a caricature, I felt like I'm left with a poorly done, very amateur portrait. Getting distracted by details. I'll need to find some examples of simplified exaggerated caricature and copy those some day. Very frustrating, so I just kept plugging along. It just means another breakthrough is around the corner. These are in reverse order. My final is first, and the first thumbnails I did are at the end of the post.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

caricature assignment 3

Assignment 3 is value paintings. We were to do a value painting of the sketch Jason Seiler provided:

And my value painting. First value painting I am aware having done, ever. Not as much time available to work on it as I'd like.