Monday, November 13, 2006


The deadline at Hurd Studio is wednesday, and we are going to make it. Or at least my stuff will. Good thing I have been spending every minute except for sleeping there, or I might not have.

First real, serious gig I have to say. Very good experience. Excatly what I was looking for. Learned alot, did alot, made a good impression. Cept my lighting skills could be better and faster. But I knew that. I have never done it before.

And regarding the title of this entry. I just finished reading 21 seconds of giberish I orriginally recorded for my short, but passed on because it just was not the right energy, But it will be a blast and one hell of a challange animating to. First real effort at lip synch in 2D. Here we go.

I've been lucky enough to be working on rendering at hurd which leaves many stray minutes to paruse blogs such as the art of Glen Keane. Wow. Talk about inspiriation and motivation.

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