Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Requested: "Ham"

While waiting for, and riding the train. (except for questionable added poo in photoshop)


stephen said...

Hamstronaut? Those are pretty awesome. Delicious, even.

stephen said...
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messytimbo said...

i really like you drawings. it's good to see peoples life drawings, not to many guys out there post that stuff.

i wanna see some of your animation. i couldn't find any on your blog

Tim Moen said...

stewart dude, you have a very strange obsession with legs of ham. that said, very cool mike mattesi-esque life drawings. my favorite is the one you have in color in this post. you may have this info in your profile, but what school do you/did you go to..and if you dont go, where are you working? just curious. -tim

Stewart said...

no animation up on the blog yet. some old reel stuff on my website. My film will be done here in a few weeks, and I'll get something online.

NYU film. Transfered from the liberal arts to the film and took all animation courses. Graduated last year.

Currentl working at Curios Pictures on Little Einsteins as rigger/3-d character creator. as try and get my portfolio up to Feature Quality.

The ham was Stephen's suggestion. Thanks Steve. That was a fun train ride.