Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update, What the hell ...

As you can tell this is about 1/3, 1/2 way through first pass splining. I'm trying to get things pretty finalized when I'm smoothing out. Take 30-60 frames at a time from blocking, and starting at the root, work my way out. Extra love for the head.

From this, parts are not WAY too off when splining out, but I'd sure like to get them closer first time. I need to understand better what I'm going to get from my blocking, in terms a smooth, and how that set up effects smoothing out. Keeping the tension in the long pull is going to be a bitch I know it. And the end expressions are corny as all hell. What ever. Gotta try doing something other then humor and adolescent angst/rage some time.

And keeping on schedule as far as splining out. Clocking in at 35-40 hrs for the first 110 frames smoothing out. They need a face/polish pass, but aiming for 60-100 frames, final animation, per 60 hours, not doing too bad.

I reached the point where I was starting to loose objectivity, and not sure my changes were making it better. The mouth can be simplified, but I need to research that, as I'm fresh out of ideas. Also, I suspect the face needs another polish pass, and the resting hand, needs some love, but, I'm pretty much at the end of my current abilities with this one, and need an expert eye for any more improvements. Help please.

Audio fixed. Stupid youtube couldn't process it correctly.


dwinn said...

hey man, your animation is sooooo gd, i love it, very inspiring, you must feel good knowing you have done something really original that stands out in the animation forums. i was looking back at some of your earlier posts and for your short film you said you were going to post it online a year from now in July 2007, which is now! I would really like to see it!

dwinn said...

oh yer, i have seen that short film, it's really good dude!

Ben said...

Looks sweet. Man I'm so out of it, stuck in my 2-d world, I have no idea what all the splining stuff is about and everything.

Nate Lane said...

haha love it man. You definitely got your own sense of style. Great stuff :)

Kimotion said...

I LOVE these!

For the first one, the landing of that first jump can use a bit more weight as it lands.

I can't say anything else other than that. I think it's all just a matter of keep polishing.

Oh, for the second piece, after he makes that noise, he sort of "dies" a bit. I know he needs to settle down but maybe he's settling a bit too much? Also, his facial expression is not clear as to what he is feeling. Is he annoyed? Angry? or a little bit of both?

Anyway, keep going!

Kimotion said...

How about a slight slow-in of the brows and the lids at the end of the piece: that may give it some life and more feelings of thought. Also, if the model has lower eyelids, maybe make use of those as well. It's a great piece as is though!