Wednesday, September 03, 2008


here is the almost final. What about the spliny-ness of the end there, after the hand slaps down, that move to the left, second to last pose?

The hands probably need a little love, but, if you watch it once, and watch the eyes, things are working pretty well.

I added in a few smear frames here and there, (4 to be exact) and I am liking 2 of them, in the air for one, and not so much the last.

Allright. One more go on some simplyfying the gibberish bit again this week, then on to new stuff ... maybe even some recent drawings will be posted ... oooooohhhhhh ...


Kotaro said...

looking good!

for some reason the antic. seems better. did you change that?

and i like the pose when he smacks the guy and then freezes.

Kotaro said...

i'm talking about the antic before he slaps the guy

i thought the anim couldn't get better. but it did! good job!

do u mean in technical stuff like in maya with splines? or like in animation(the thought of the character and stuff)?

actually i found out the my fast blocking helps, because then it really pushes me to think what my character is thinking. because i started blocking out my new animation, and after thinking about it, it didn't fit in with the dialogue, i knew i could make it better.

so i deleted it and made another one today!

Kotaro said...

for me working with maya isn't so hard.

because before i got into animation i was more into the software stuff. so when i got to animation i learned like all the stuff for the graph editor and stuff.

yea i know what u mean. sometimes i just stare at my animation, just like wondering if there is anything i can do.

but yea for me before animating is the hardest part. getting the character to think, what actions says what to the audience and stuff. i'm really struggling with that. so i guess its the planning stage that i need to work on and learn some more acting things.

p.s i can't wait to see ur new animation! i would like to see some new work! you really inspired me to get my animations better, and push it to the next limit!

G1toons said...

really nice arcs and curves, is this the normal norman rig?, nice animation