Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peaking in May?

Feel like we started to get a little traction this month.  Been doing longer poses for a few months now.  Sticking with materials, slowing down and trying to make sure there are no lazy lines.  Also TRYING to keep things composed on a page...

We had several sessions with some of the same models as before.  A few large 18x24 sanguine on toned grey paper.  Made the decision to try going smaller again with 9x12 carb-othello on white sketching paper.  Really love the tooth of this canson sketch, combined with the carb-othello.

ALSO, removed silly limitiations on myself to HAVE to finish it in the sitting.  Tried the approach of more direct drawing from the model, then a few days/weeks later, adjust the drawing as necessary to fill in any gaps.  Think thrice, measure twice, draw once.

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