Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 arting goals

Goals for 2018 are to focus on value, process and composition.  We'll pay attention how much time I need to get a blocking in.  Can be anywhere from 5-20 mins.  A goal floating in the back of my head is to get a solid showing of where I'll be going with the image in 20 mins or so.  Long term goal to have said 20 mins be a frameable stand-alone image if executed with proper materials.  I should stick with one size, one paper, and one drawing medium if I aim to practice as effectively for mastery as I can.  We'll see what happens. Below are 5 min value studies on newsprint with carb-othello pastel pencils.  9x12 size.  Images from lin-of-action and sketch-reference-daily.

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