Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"loving you" ...

... "is a dirty job."

80's hair metal saves the day once again.

Ever have a really good vacation when you didn't not need one, so all it did was throw a stick in the spokes of your routine, and leave you feeling like you wasted something.

I know how to lounge like the best of them, but I did not quite earn it this time. Only about 75% earned it. And now I am stuck at the old home, out of my element, trying to get some work done, with the people I am there to see, giving me some warm hearted crap about not working hard enough.

But on a good note, saw ice age the meltdown finally last night, and quite enjoyed it. Good job! to everyone on it. Quality.

looking forward to getting back to NJ/NYC and working.

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