Sunday, January 07, 2007

Margaritas, Roaches and Boxes

New Place. Has roaches. Earth boy before me did not realize that keeping a compost bucket, IN THE APARTMENT, and all the general filthyness that accompanies such behavior, might aid in cockroach reproduction.

Mexico was boozetastic ... still recovering.

Vacation was a slightly needed break. More of an effort to relax as I had a great groove going before I left.

My grandpa is amazing. 87 ("whih is almost 90, which is almost 100"). This guy truly lived. Not only was he driven, but he did the driving ... if you want to get sickenly metaphorical.

Found some old ink and quill tips in the desk at home on the west coast and had fun doodling a bit.

pictures of some of the above in a few once I get unpacked. I moved into the new place on the 22nd, flew to mexico on the 23rd, and got back his morning.

Got some potential jobs lined up. Looking forward to it.

and Bruce Cambell has a ad out for Old Spice. Yay.

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