Sunday, April 29, 2007

Got a working cut of the film into First Run. I won for "acheivement in animation." I got a great lazer printer piece of copy paper that says so. What does the title even mean? Regardless is felt good for a few minutes.

Only 4 shots left to finish drop shadow on, then some cast shadow on the shots that need it, give the credits a once over, and get the final sound from the sound man, and I can call it done.

I managed to get a dialogue test blocked out and partially splined, but I had to go back to the film, as I was geting too little done on either of them. So I'm going try Seeing what I can get done with the dialogue test tonight, as my goal is one a month, till ... I'm at pixar. Then two a month from there on out. And I have a great bit if dialogue I thumbed out a bit on the train a week of so back, but nothing worth posting.

Work, is draining. Been doing some VERY boring things lately. Which results in an odd sensation. There is much reason, and motivation, to keep working on my own stuff harder, and growing as fast as I can, so I can do things much more stimulating then preschool television, and be surrounded by a environment more condusive to growth. Yet this lack of stimulus is incredibly draining of any energy to put said motivation to use. Just feels better when I'm passing out at 1 am, knowing besides eat and clean up some dishes left over from the weekend before, that all I did was keep crusing on my projects.

So here are some quick sketches from photos while I was exporting image sequences from Flash, and a little doodle before I had to get off the train this morning.

And a hats off to Lou, who was recently offered a position at pixar after his internship their ends. You earned that one buddy. Talk about motivation, and inspiration.

Not enough time in the day, or green tea to fuel it.


Andrew Coats said...

keep at it man! Can't wait to see your film 100 percent completed, and some of those new tests you have been working on!

stephen said...

I hear you loud and clear. I think your 4th block of text sums up exactly what I'm feeling. I'm constantly thinking, "when the hell does this get any easier?"

Those stills look great. That BG is awesome.