Tuesday, April 03, 2007


final push on the film.

Just need some poo and blood continuity additions, the latter half of a shadow pass, some experimental BG painting, finalize sound, and we are good.

Guess what I've been rigging, modeling, and animating the past 6 weeks.

thats right, birds.

More standin train drawing below. One of the good things about being unemployed and working at the lab was coming home at 11-2 am. Always had a seat on the train to doodle. And comeing from journal square, I got dibs on seats. Oh, life is tough :)

and some life drawrin' from recent.

And I'm permanent at work untill december with all of August off, two weeks of it payed! Just need to sign stuff, and deal with insurance and all that jazz.

sleepy sleep.

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Andrew Coats said...

haha, your blue footed boobie is freaking me out man. On another note, I like the bottom right pose on your last sketch page. You can really feel the stretch