Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Drawing ...

Vacation has begun. As well as trying to recover from some burn out. Best way to do that? Figure drawing at Spring studio. Had a great two days, just drawing, no pressure, no deadlines. Felt really good.

The red marks are from Minerva. She runs the place and will give your work a once over if you ask nicely. This place, I think, is a real rarity.

red marks are one and two minutes, some fives and tens up top.

In another 20 years, I might be able to draw. Till then, I'm gonna focus on not being lazy in the details, like knees and such when I'm rushing, and proportion. Like tiny heads, and sloppy appendages.

And the sketchbook:

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G1toons said...

real nice sketch book, liked you monkey animation you have a good start