Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Movie!

Here it was. Since I am trying to submit to film festivals at the moment, I am taking the film down. In a year, I'll put it back up. If you really want to see it, contact me, or your local film festival and request they screen it, as it really does look better on the big screen and with good sound.


Ben said...

I've already seen this but I have to say again it looks great man. Glad to see it's up on teh internet for everyone to check out.

The animation looks really clean and fluid and you really pulled off some crazy shots. Also, nice to see a quasi-realistic cartoon portrayal of getting an arm ripped off. The crap in the pants is a great touch.

I feel you on "the better next time/pre production/animatic" bit, it's tough. But it's good that you're critical of your own stuff and wanting to push forward and not delusional.

Leetal said...

Why would you want your animatics to be "happy"? Happy is BORING!

dave said...

I've seen parts of this, heard of the story, but this is the first time seeing it completed.

It looks great Stewart! I agree with Ben, that you really pulled off some crazy shots! The perspective on the cars, the wild fish-eye lens look on the guy driving to the inside of the guy/road wave.

Now as far as being happy, that guy was a mean, nasty yuppie who got what was coming to him; swallowed up by the unforgiving road. And our poor victimized hero, the driver of the yellow car, caught up to the villain for the last laugh.

Great stuff!

(What stinks about animation, is that now you have to make another one! Hurry up!)