Monday, June 23, 2008

Blocking Updates

The two character bit has been evolving since I wanted to play around with how a character with the proportions of the Blue guy, might move. Just been making it up as I went along. Which is quite fun, and there are a lot of bits that I like in it, but its not as well staged, organized, or clear, as a piece thats well planned from the beginning, with a purpose, and good idea of who the characters are, and how the shot might be part of a larger story.

This dialogue piece is self explanatory. Both of these, I'm feeling i've done about as much as I can with them, with out wasting time, before I start splining. I'll add in some chair stuff, still in blocking, before I go to splines.

And if you got crits, lemme have em.

Fun times.


stephen said...

These are pretty weird. That big blue thing especially. I think it would be cool if the pink guy got to his spot, turned and maybe had a nice little beat of standing, shouting "noooo!" or the like. then he gets flattened.

haha. nice.

Arthur Metcalf said...

Not really an animation critique per se (it looks awesome) but if the little dude is a cycle, why not tack on a full body shot of him running through frame at the beginning? I think his run's really funny but it's invisible with the big guy's huge movements.