Wednesday, June 25, 2008


All right, a few preliminary crits are in for the tests below. They are great, and I have to agree with what is being said so far. The good and the bad.

There is hope for the two character bit, the slap needs some work, which I am doing, and people seem to like it. I like it, all around.

The dialogue piece is getting a less favorable response, on the grounds of "what the hell am I watching?" I'm sticking to it, because I like the audio, and, non sequitur, fits with some of my sensibilities. This test is fun, and thats what I need right now. HOW EVER. It does need some context. As in, some emotion change/thought, before/after the bit, to give believable justification to his out burst. Which I think is a compelty valid request.

I shall rant about how sick I am of doing long tests, and my failed efforts to do some under 100 frames. But its very frustrating! (and the spell-check for this blog keeps underlining "sequitur," even though its spelled right)

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