Sunday, August 24, 2008

Help Please

How do I take these to the next level?

I'm making some very slow progress trying to polish them, but I feel I'm missing the mark trying to improve these, more then I am actually improving them.

What doesn't work for you guys? And why? How would you suggest fixing it? What works? And why?

I think I need to step back from these for a bit, start some new shots, or get some hands-on tips from some pros. What'd I'd give to be able to walk over the cubicle of a veteran and have him lay down how to make this sing.


Andwew said...

Hey...this might be a weak idea, but what about rendering these out nicely, really big, and with some motion blur and then maybe you can see some things you want to change/add. Not the greatest help, but viewing it differently might spark up some ideas...

Stewart said...

Thats a good idea. I do see them big how ever, I've actually seen a few things In need to losen up, seeing it so small.

I'll see if I can set up a really quick render here in a bit.